Hilarious Video Calls Out Trump For Golf Hypocrisy

Trump has played 13 rounds of golf in just 12 weeks

via Twitter

According to Golf Digest, when Donald Trump took office, he immediately became the best golfer of the past 19 U.S. presidents. Trump’s 2.8 handicap places him above the former presidential best, John F. Kennedy, who dominated the links while suffering from chronic back pain. Coming into his fourth month in office, Trump looks to lead the presidential pack in another category: days spent on the course.

As of last week, Trump has played golf at least 13 times, as compared to President Obama, who only played golf once in his first 100 days. Obama would play a total of 333 rounds over eight years. Should Trump miraculously make it through four years in the Oval Office, he is on a pace to play 233 rounds. Every president deserves some R and R after a busy week leading the free world, but Trump’s excursions seem hypocritical given the way he lambasted Obama for his golf habit on the campaign trail.