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Donald Trump Just Proved He Is The Worst Kind Of Golfer

Don’t golf like the president

Photo via Steve Jurvetson/Flickr Creative Commons

In the world of golf, there are a lot of hoary notions of the sport being a gentleman’?s game that’?s undergirded by sportsmanship. This gives rise to a litany of Byzantine rules, both written and unwritten, as well as an air of do-gooderness that, at it?s worst, can come off as haughty. If you buy into golf’?s mythos, you’?d say that how one approaches the game of golf and all its norms reveals your character. You shouldn’?t fully buy in. Because some of these rules amount to nothing more than not knowing which utensil is the shrimp fork on an elaborate table setting. Not knowing doesn’?t necessarily make you a bad person.

However, some of the norms of the sport are completely worth following. They usually amount to being respectful to other people on the course. If you take a big divot out of the grass, fix it. If you’?re playing too slow and holding up others, let them move in front of you. And for the love of God, don’?t drive your damn golf cart on the green! That one is so obvious, I’?ve never even needed someone explain it to me in my nearly two decades of golfing. When you go to putt on the green, you want as true a surface as possible, not one with tire treads that will alter the path of the ball. If you drive the cart on the green, you’?re adversely affecting everyone else coming behind you because you’?re lazy, stupid, or both. You’d have to be a real inconsiderate jerk to do that.

So, without further comment, here is President Donald Trump driving a golf cart on the green.

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