Teen Helps Win High School Football Game One Week After Becoming Homecoming Queen

This high schooler is having quite a month.

Throughout the month of October, Claire Jeffress of Dawson High School in Pearland, Texas, has found herself in the spotlight not once, but twice. The Texas high school student was named homecoming queen just last week, posing for pics while wearing both her tiara and her varsity football uniform.

Jeffress has been the varsity team’s kicker all season, and over the weekend, she found herself once again the center of attention after a game-winning 30-yard kick against rival school Pearland.

With just a minute remaining and the score tied at 35, Dawson coach Eric Wells had no reservations about tasking Jeffress with the kick. She had gone five-for-five on extra points in the game. Said the coach via, “Claire is something – she just doesn’t get rattled. There wasn’t even a question that she was going to kick it.”

She kicked it and split the uprights, giving her team the victory.

With several games left in the season, Jeffress will undoubtedly have the chance to prove herself further on the field, but she’s likely still managing more attention than she can handle both from her classmates and now the national media as she makes waves in the sports world as homecoming queen kicker with nerves of steel.

For good measure, Claire posed once again in the football uniform/tiara combo after her late-game heroics.

Jeffress told the Houston Chronicle, "I just wanted to do what I've always done and not think of it as any big deal. My team had faith in me, and they were going to block for me, and the snap and the hold were going to be good, so I just had to do my job."

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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