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An MLB Player Proudly Shares His Toddler’s Impressive Bat-Flipping Skills

The little boy celebrates his accomplishments at a Major League level.

The subject of bat-flipping in Major League Baseball is a contentious one. Traditionalists say the move, performed by a batter after a big hit to taunt the other team and/or celebrate, is nothing more than poor sportsmanship. However, a new generation of players and fans are endeared to the showy move, pitting the old school versus the new school in this particular matter or baseball etiquette.

The controversy as it pertains to the game will continue to rage on, but it’s unlikely that any fans, regardless of their philosophies, will object to the bat flip that Phillies relief pitcher Tommy Hunter shared on Twitter. The move was performed by his 2-year-old son after smacking a high-quality shot off an oversized tee in what appears to be the family’s home.

Not only does the boy make solid contact with the ball, but he nails the more abstract performance elements as well. He takes some time to bask in his achievement, holding his bat towards the sky before chucking the plastic item across the room, clapping, then making his way around the imaginary bases.

As a pitcher, Hunter is likely very aware that when a batter does this, they’re essentially imploring the opposing team to throw a little closer to them next time, but that’s a lesson for another day.

Sports development happens one step at a time, so let’s allow the father and son to enjoy this moment of bravado.

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