This Dedicated Wrestling Ref Moves Like A Cartoon Character To Keep His Eyes On The Action

He won’t let a simple thing like physics get in the way of watching the action.

Refereeing a wrestling match can be a difficult proposition because the action often takes place so close to the ground and usually obscured by two flailing bodies. To obtain a vantage point that allows them to most effectively judge the match, refs are known to contort and move in very strange — but often effective — ways.

This high school ref became quick friends with the ground to survey the action in front of him. Not content with maintaining a static view, the ref, arms by his side, writhes with machine-like efficiency to follow the action as the wrestlers quickly rotate in the course of their match.

The video catches the ref passing through in slapstick fashion, clearly putting it all out on the line to maintain his view.

In wrestling, no act is as decisive as pinning your opponent. However, to determine that a pin has taken place, the referee must establish that a wrestler’s shoulders or shoulder blades remain on the ground for a certain amount of time. That can’t be done if a referee’s vision is blocked by either wrestler’s body. Hence the incredibly low stance to monitor the match.

Sure, it makes sense, but it’s also plenty funny, especially for those of us used to seeing referees in a more traditional, less worm-like “standing” pose.