World's greatest Trump impersonator is back with a hilarious rant on reopening Mar-a-Lago
via J-L Cauvin / YouTube

Comedian J-L Cauvin has a dead-on Trump impersonation that has to be the world's best. He has the voice down, but he also has perfected the asides that Trump uses to punctuate his comments.

In this video, Cauvin, pretending to be Trump, announces the reopening of his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. But, of course, because Trump never misses an opportunity to scapegoat people of color, the resort is only open to white people.

"For health, we're not letting the groups that are getting like sicker in, at first," he says. "You say listen to the doctors ... now we're listening and they say these communities of color ... they're getting affected more."

Cauvin's impersonation is so on point that if you close your eyes, you can see Trump in your head. But there's more to it. He's also exposing the tactics the president uses to frame his racism so he can get away with it. Only Trump would say that' he's being racist "nicely."

Donald Trump Re-Opens MAR-A-LAGO!!!