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2016 Presidential Hopefuls Get A Black Metal Makeover

A satanic rebranding of America’s next potential president.

Lincoln Chafee has never looked cooler.

Sure, Shephard Fairey’s 2008 Obama “Hope” logo was iconic—but was it metal? Recently Fast Co.Design decided that the 2016 race, already somewhat of a snoozer, lacked any real aesthetic oomph. In a stroke of brilliance, they commissioned venerated graphics designer Christophe Szpajdel to rebrand 11 presidential candidate’s logos, ranging from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders, with black metal makeovers. According to Fast Co, “Szpadjel has spent the past 40 years distilling the complex socio-political platforms of over 7,000 black metal bands like Fistula, Arcturus, Old Man's Child, and Moonspell down to single, indelible wordmarks—albeit ones that usually contain a bloody Pentagram or an upside down cross somewhere in the design.” The results are hilarious (can you imagine Marco Rubio getting down to some Emperor?) and a fun spin on a race that already feels like it’s been going on for ages.

Below, check out what Szpajdel came up with:

Bernie Sanders

Ted Cruz

Hillary Clinton

According to Fast Co.Design’s John Brownlee, “In Szpajdel's design, Hillary Clinton's ‘H’—which naysayers derided for pointing to the right—inspires a new logo in which razor sharp arrows pierce her name from both the left and the right. Meanwhile, the "H" itself almost serves as a sort of daemonic glyph, the kind of thing you might find scratched on the basement walls at the end of the Blair Witch Project.” For full, colorful descriptions click here.

Carly Fiorina

Ran Paul

Marco Rubio

Donald Trump

As Brownlee put it best, “the biggest ass in the Republican party becomes an elephant's rear end. Perfection.”

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