Bird's Eye View of Holland's Tulip Fields, A Vivid Two Week Show

These stunning tulip fields are a reminder of the beauty of nature.

"It's now or never," says French photographer Normann Szkop referring to the very short period of time that you can see the lush, blooming tulip fields in the town of Anna Paulowna, in the Netherlands. There's one week—two maximum—that the flowers bud colorfully and if you want to witness this spectacle, you've got to be on the ball. It was exactly at this time two years ago that Szkop convinced a pilot to fly over the sprawling fields in order to capture these vivid shots. He also caught on camera some of the over 2,000 wind turbines scattered throughout the Netherlands that provide a source of alternative energy.

The area in North Holland that Szkop flew over is known for producing many of the spring tulips that can be found in shops in Europe and beyond. Though the flowers are what look the most beautiful, it's actually the bulbs that go to market and are what sell so well. Fortunately, since many of us won't have the opportunity to visit this lush area, Szkop's took over 100 photos of the landscape.

Images courtesy of Normann Szkop