Buy You a Drink: A Cocktail for Swallowing Zuckerberg’s Billions Buy You a Drink: A Cocktail for Swallowing Zuckerberg’s Billions

Buy You a Drink: A Cocktail for Swallowing Zuckerberg’s Billions

by Ken Walczak

February 11, 2012

Welcome to Buy You a Drink, where GOOD's resident mixologist offers a free libation to one thirsty newsmaker each week.  This time: Facebook's boyish billionaire.


Millionaire Cocktail, as adapted from Speakeasy by Jason Kosmas & Dushan Zaric

2 oz. Knob Creek Maker’s Mark 46 bourbon
¾ oz. Grand Marnier
1 egg white [or if you’re making several, 1 egg white for every two drinks is enough]
½ oz. homemade Grenadine Slightly more than ¼ oz. Rose’s grenadine
¼ oz. Ricard pastisSt. George absinthe
½ oz. freshly-squeezed lemon juice
Freshly grated nutmeg

Pour all ingredients except nutmeg into a mixing glass. Add large cold ice cubes and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with the nutmeg.

The Employees Only Millionaire is “whiskey-forward” (that’s Kosmas and Zaric’s tasting note, and I fully concur) but well-balanced, with layers of flavor that are both harmonious and just jarring enough to inspire flights of prosperous fancy. As you can see from my alterations, it works whether you use pastis or real-McCoy absinthe, grenadine made from organic pomegranates you grew yourself or the iridescent sweet stuff on your supermarket shelf. Do grate your own nutmeg, though, if you can. It makes all the difference for the aroma you’ll waft off of the egg white foam.

What’s cooler than a Millionaire Cocktail? Speakeasy also contains a Billionaire Cocktail, for which Kosmas and Zaric substitute 107-proof Baker’s for the base bourbon, omit the Grand Marnier, and trade the pastis/absinthe for a homemade setup they call “Absinthe bitters.” Despite the more Zuckerbergian name, I did not attempt to make the Billionaire at home. The Absinthe bitters required experimenting with several cups of Pernod 68 absinthe at a time. Since Pernod 68 retails for upwards of $70 a bottle, this proved cost-prohibitive for soon-to-haves like myself.

Not to worry, though. I promise to update you on the merits of the Billionaire Cocktail the moment I start pulling down that Zuckerberg money. I can feel that day getting closer with every sip. 

Send your favorite tales of class warfare or social mobility, or your favorite cocktail that ought to be garnished with a monocle, to Ken at

Zuckerberg photo via (cc) Flickr user deneyterrio. Cocktail photo by Adrienne Moon.

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Buy You a Drink: A Cocktail for Swallowing Zuckerberg’s Billions