Climate Change Denier Who Asked Twitter To ‘Explain the Science’ Gets Owned

Is it getting hot in here? Or is that a sick burn?

via Twitter

A recent study by Pew Research found that Democrats with a solid background in science are more likely to correctly believe that humans are causing climate change. But Republicans tend to deny climate science regardless of their scientific acumen. “Thus, it could be the case that people’s political orientations are an anchoring point for applying their knowledge—rather than the other way around,” the report says. A recent case of right-wing climate change denial gone horribly wrong comes from Canadian tabloid editor, Lorrie Goldstein.

Last December, Goldstein, who works for the Toronto Sun, mocked those that accept climate change science with this dim-witted tweet: “Next time a Social Justice Warrior tells you ‘science is settled’ on global warming, ask them to explain the science. Then watch the fun.”

Canadian writer, Karen Geier, promptly took Goldstein up on the challenge, breaking down the science in a way that even Goldstein could comprehend.

Geier ended her tweetstorm with one final burn: “There you go, you colossal donut,” she tweeted. “I mean, I’d tell you to read, but you’re the editor of a paper designed for illiterates.”