Craving Texas BBQ? This Startup Brings Iconic Foods from Across the Country to Your Door

For most of us, where we live more or less determines the food we eat. The local flavor, if you will. Lobster in Maine. San Francisco sourdough. Pizza and bagels in New York.


A new startup called Goldbely aims to close the gap between geography and the signature foods of locales around the U.S.

The company recently made its way through Y Combinator, the Silicon Valley seed accelerator, and was featured alongside dozens of other startups Tuesday at the 2013 Y Combinator Demo Day.
The gist of Goldbely is real simple: You browse the dishes on the website site by region, choose a meal, and it's delivered to your door—sometimes in a matter of hours. The meals come from iconic restaurants across the country: Lou Malnati's deep-dish in Chicago, Salt Lick BBQ in Texas.


"We’re in awe of the history and recipes that are often handed down through generations," their website says. "It's our passion to discover these treasures. We want to share these stories."

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