Dietary Supplements: Book Covers That Are Good Enough to Eat

Phallic cucumber humor, the renaissance of the meatless patty, and more in the daily round-up of news and links from GOOD Food HQ.

A radiation spike in Tokyo's tap water has prompted new fears about food contamination.

Optimism intermission: Mark Bittman stops griping to celebrate six good things happening in the world of food.

More drinkable yogurt, fewer dips, and far less frozen food: an aisle-by-aisle comparison of the different inventory in Mexican and U.S. supermarkets.

From custard pie-throwing clowns to phallic cucumbers, food and humor through the ages.

"Gone are the days when the veggie burger was almost a source of shame." A round-up of improvements in the world of meatless patties.

And today's image shows a handful of gorgeous covers from a batch of 20 classic food books newly reissued by Penguin. Designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, the covers, Saveur explains, "take inspiration from ceramic patterns found on pieces produced at roughly the same time as the books' original manuscripts."

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