Dietary Supplements: Gay Beer and Broccoli Corridors

Tongue cancer, gay beer, and the East Coast Broccoli Corridor feature in today's daily roundup of what we're reading at GOOD Food HQ. Enjoy!

What does it take to save book reviews? A middle-aged man with slices of raw bacon draped over his head.

A Mexican brewery has unveiled what it claims is the first beer created specifically for the gay and lesbian community.

Meanwhile, Kraft announced an "entirely new product category" today: liquid water enhancer, a customizable flavoring experience for those of us want to have water our way.

The USDA has awarded a $3.2 million grant to create a broccoli corridor running from Northern Florida to Maine.

Today's extra credit involves the culinary benefits of tongue cancer (hence the stomach-churning photo above). In an interview about his forthcoming memoir, star chef Grant Achatz describes the unexpected insights gained as his sense of taste gradually returned, following successful chemotherapy and radiation treatment for stage 4 squamous cell tongue cancer:

Having tastes come back in stages like that really teaches you about how they all relate to one another as they come together on the palate and function in relation to one another. It was a very informative process.
I wouldn’t recommend it, though.

Photo via WebMD.