Education: Morning Roundup, Kagan's Diversity Problem

Morning Roundup:

From The Los Angeles Times: L.A. Unified barred from budgetary teacher layoffs at 3 schools
Court ruling is meant to help the poor-performing campuses, which have been badly hit by the fiscal crisis.

From The New York Times: Citing Individualism, Arizona Tries to Rein in Ethnic Studies in School

Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona has once again upset the state’s large Hispanic population, signing a bill aimed at ending ethnic studies in the Tucson schools.

From The Washington Post: Obama administration says it supports measure to avoid teacher layoffs

The $23 billion package would help avert cuts at schools nationwide.

From The New York Times: Nominee Scrutinized for Hiring on Race

Critics say that Elena Kagan did not create enough racial diversity at Harvard, and her supporters counter that she demonstrated a commitment to equality.

From the Associated Press: California: Attention, Parents of School Truants, State Senators Have Turned Their Eyes to You

The California Senate passed a bill on Thursday under which the State would hold parents responsible if their children regularly skipped school.

Photo (cc) via Flickr user Vito