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Men Who Consume Energy Drinks More Likely to Hold ‘Stereotypically Masculine Beliefs’

Study shows that men who chug energy drinks are more likely to be homophobic and sexist.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user Transphusion

Recently, researchers at the University of Akron and Texas Tech University came together to investigate a theory that women everywhere already knew the answer to: “Are guys who chug energy drinks more likely to be a complete tool?” The research came back with a resounding yes. The study group included 467 men recruited from Craigslist and psychology classes who took a series of surveys about masculinity. The study revealed that men who consume energy drinks were more likely to agree with the following statements: “A man should always be the boss”; “Homosexuals should never marry”; and “A man should always be ready for sex.”

Is it the copious amount of caffeine mixed with the broseph wonder drug guarana that is crippling male minds, or is there something else at play? According to the study, don’t blame the drink, blame the bro. Researchers found that men who subscribed to “stereotypically masculine beliefs” were also more likely to believe that energy drinks affirm their masculinity. Many of the respondents who regularly gurgled energy drinks agreed with the statements “If I consume energy drinks, I will be more willing to take risks” and “If I consume energy drinks, I will perform better.”

Energy drinks are more than just a red flag for those in the dating pool; this masculinity affirmer in a 22-ounce aluminum can is downright dangerous. In fact, according to a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20,783 people visited emergency rooms in 2011 for difficulties involving energy drinks. According to the masculinity and energy drinks study’s lead researcher, Ronald Levant, those who consume energy drinks should “be aware that there maybe be very large amounts of caffeine in them, and they can have some very negative consequences for you.” He added, “There are other ways of demonstrating masculinity.”

(H/T The Atlantic)

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