Extra Credit: Education Cuts Found Unconstitutional

Budget cuts, budget cuts, and more budget cuts: what we're reading at GOOD Education HQ

Last year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie slashed $820 million from the state's education budget. Now a judge has ruled the cuts violated the state constitution because they disproportionally impacted low-income districts.

State universities are facing such severe budget cuts, they may have to lay off tenured faculty. Meanwhile, community colleges in Alabama are dealing with cuts by dissolving their athletic programs.

Wisconsin's Scott Walker certainly won't go down in history as the "education governor." The Wisconsin School Administrators’ Alliance says Walker's proposed $1.7 billion in education cuts "are of a magnitude not seen since the Great Depression."

It looks like the turnaround school model of education reform is coming to the nation's failing charters. The chronically underperforming Harlem Day Charter School is set to be taken over by charter operator Democracy Prep.

Joel Rose, the co-founder of School of One, is leaving to start his own nonprofit foundation. He hopes to spread his technology-heavy "hybrid school" idea nationwide.

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