First-Stop Will Feature Your Portfolio If You Swear Off Paper

First-Stop has a smart idea to cut down on all the unsolicited promotional pieces that creatives mail out.


We like that so many talented photographers, designers, and illustrators want to work with us here at GOOD. But what we don't like is the mountains of unsolicited printed pieces we get sent by photographers, designers, and illustrators. We love the work, but not the waste. But what to do about it? First-Stop, a new portfolio site, has an idea for how to deal with, as they call it, the "huge ass landfill piled high with photographers' and illustrators’ collective talent and genius." They'll feature you on their site, but only if you pledge to significantly reduce the amount of paper promotional items you produce.

"The inspiration for the project came from the realization that our small agency alone amasses about 28 kilograms (60 pounds) of promotional post cards, posters, and booklets from illustrators and photographers every month," says founder Lance Vining. "That got us thinking: If we take that 28 kilograms and multiply it by say 15 agencies, that's about 410 kilograms of paper that's just thrown away. What a waste."

They've even produced a way to help creative companies reduce their mound-o-promos. Stickers marked "return to sender" can be affixed to any promotional pieces that come into the office, which are immediately sent back to the creative, spreading awareness about the site.

The concept is great because it not only nudges creatives to be more responsible, but also provides a great marketplace for responsible companies to use on their jobs. First-Stop could even take it one step further and "certify" creative companies that swear that they'll go paperless when it comes to reviewing portfolios. We at GOOD would gladly volunteer to be the first.

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