Food for Thinkers: The Ideal Shape of Chewing Gum (and Other, Similar Concerns)

Dan Pashman, host of The Sporkful podcast, details the hyper-functional concerns of the eating obsessed.

Dan Pashman, cohost of The Sporkful podcast, cuts to the Food for Thinkers chase. Why does food matter to him? Simple:

FACT: Food is necessary to sustain human life.

That's pretty much it. [...] The experience of eating is, in fact, universal, even more so than classic human touchstones such as reproducing, paying taxes, fearing death, and watching The Real Housewives.


But Pashman does draw an interesting distinction between the functional concerns of the eating obsessed, as opposed to those who are merely obsessed with food:

Instead of just focusing on ingredients and recipes, you're thinking about the structural integrity of your sandwich, your strategy at a buffet, and the surface-area-to-volume ratio of your french fries.


These topics, and many more along the same lines (the most satisfying ingredient ratio in snack mix, say, or the ideal shape of chewing gum, both with and without a liquid center), are addressed each week on The Sporkful, so if you're an eater as opposed to—or as well as—a foodie, tune in!

Food for Thinkers is a week-long, distributed, online conversation looking at food writing from as wide and unusual a variety of perspectives as possible. Between January 18 and January 23, 2011, more than 40 food and non-food writers will respond to a question posed by GOOD's newly-launched Food hub: What does—or could, or even should—it mean to write about food today?

Follow the conversation all week here at GOOD, join in the comments, and use the Twitter hashtag #foodforthinkers to keep up to date.

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