GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $250 to Help the Hands that Feed Us

Interested in food system worker rights? Give back to the hands that feed us. Submit your idea to GOOD Maker and win $250.

Though we’ve come a long way from Upton Sinclair’s slaughterhouse exposé of The Jungle, the food industry is still a mess. The food chain is far muddier than the pre-washed and packaged food parcels in brightly-lit grocery stores suggest.

GOOD Maker has teamed up with the Food Chain Workers Alliance to challenge you to face the reality of how we get our food. The answer: roughly 20 million pairs of hands. While these food industry workers—ranging from farmers, slaughterhouse and processing facility workers, warehouse workers, and restaurant and food service workers—ensure that America gets fed, a recent report shows that the majority of food workers earn below a living wage, never receive a promotion despite long hours, and do not have a single paid sick day. They also use double the amount of food stamps than the rest of the U.S. workforce. We think it’s time for consumers to give back to the people who keep our stomachs full.

The Food Chain Workers Alliance challenge is all about finding creative ways to educate consumers and advocating for better conditions for food system workers. Want to make a documentary on a plant’s journey from soil to plate? Organize a cherry-picking flash mob? GOOD Maker can help activate your idea. All you have to do is submit your idea here from now until July 13 at noon Pacific Time, and you’ll have a chance to win $250 to implement your idea in partnership with the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

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