How You Can Help the Maasai Win $50,000 How You Can Help the Maasai Win $50,000

How You Can Help the Maasai Win $50,000

by Amara Holstein

April 13, 2011

How can you help preserve Maasai culture for future generations? Book a trip to Kenya! There’s nothing like seeing the incredible ecosystem in person and having a front-seat view to Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust's work. Sixteen guests at a time can stay at the luxury tented lodgings at Campi ya Kanzi, located on 400-square miles of Maasai-owned land. More than just a luxe resort for relaxing, it’s also a community venture. The Maasai own the eco-lodge and help Luca Belpietro and Antonella Bonomi run the place. So when you’re out looking for cheetahs and fringed ear oryx (a type of antelope), you’ll be walking through pristine wilderness led by local trackers who can show you the lay of the land from an insider’s view.



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How You Can Help the Maasai Win $50,000