Joel Klein: Adults To Blame for Children Being Left Behind

Klein's reflections upon his exit seem to reflect a new dogma shared by education reformers.


Joel Klein appeared on CNN today to discuss his seemingly sudden resignation, as well as what he sees are the major issues with the public schools system and where education reform should be heading.

Interestingly, his synopsis of the education reform movement seems to dovetail with that offered by the controversial documentary Waiting for Superman. He talks about adults being to blame for the inequities in the system and promotes charter schools as one of the primary solutions for solving them:

Children are being left behind because the adults are taking care of themselves. That wouldn't happen if we did one small thing … and that's one of the key reforms that we did in New York City. We created really high class charter schools and put a whole bunch of them in several key high poverty communities.


Regardless of whether he's right or not—and he stands behind his eight years of experience and the "tire tracks on my back"—it appears that the education reform movement has officially coalesced around a central dogma.

Via The Huffington Post