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Join the Do Good Bus and The Hub LA on a Surprise Service Adventure

The next outing of the Do Good Bus departs this weekend, for a special adventure co-sponsored by the new co-working community The Hub LA.

Let's face it: summer's not all it's cracked up to be. You're burnt out on barbecues. The beach is overrated. Here's a chance to turn your idle hours into action—and join what's essentially a party-on-wheels—by boarding the Do Good Bus. This magic bus, which we've enthusiastically covered before, transports passengers to volunteer opportunities throughout the city. But here's the best part: every adventure is a surprise. On Saturday, July 30, you can board the Do Good Bus at the Universal City Metro station, where you'll be transported to a secret location for a day of—what else?—doing good. The cost of your ticket also includes lunch plus wine and beer, because every good deed deserves a reward.

This weekend's ride is being co-sponsored by The Hub LA, a new co-working community that's slated to open in downtown later this year. In addition to offering workspace for L.A.'s socially focused entrepreneurs, they'll also be hosting more happenings like this, according to The Hub's Jasmine Stine. "The kind of events that are most exciting are those that encourage people to let go of their usual 'networking personas' and get really down and dirty," she says. Learn more about becoming a member or sign up for their newsletter to be the first to find out about The Hub LA's grand opening. And be sure to buy your ticket for this weekend's Do Good Bus adventure—there are only so many seats on the bus, after all.

Photo by Bonnie Hawthorne

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