Look at That Friendly Hipster: Is This "Forts Collective" Real?

This new Kickstarter project to change the world through blanket forts has us scratching our heads.


Ask any Andy Kaufman fan and they'll tell you that the best satire is subtle enough to be indistinguishable from earnestness. Consider that when watching this introduction video to "Forts and the Inbetween" (FatI), a new, um, benevolent fort collective out of San Diego.

After several viewings throughout the GOOD offices, we still can't decide whether this foursome is staging a real effort to change the world through forts or simply having a go at leftist do-gooders. And an e-mail to the heads of FatI questioning their authenticity has yielded no response. One thing tipping the scales towards "real," however, is that the group is currently accepting donations on Kickstarter with the goal of raising $25,000 to fund a cross-country fort-building tour. They've already got eight backers and more than $1,400 pledged.

While we wait on a response to our e-mail, try and make up your own mind about FatI. Is it real? And if it is, is it really necessary? An organization called Habitat for Humanity is already doing some great fort-building work.

Update: "Forts and the Inbetween" is, in fact, real. Co-founder Wes Bruce responded to our e-mail with a simple, "We're really doing this."