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Merriam-Webster Schooled Donald Trump When He Tried To Criticize Sally Yates

Can someone hook this guy up with spell check?

On Monday, Trump attacked former acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Twitter in an attempt to defend his administration’s poor decision-making. But first, a little background: Information surfaced early Monday morning revealing President Barack Obama advised Trump in a meeting before he took office to avoid hiring Michael Flynn as his national security advisor. According to NBC News, three former officials confirmed Obama’s warning to Trump.

As we know now, Trump rejected Obama’s advice and hired Flynn as his national security advisor anyway. Only three weeks later, Trump’s administration had to fire Flynn for failing to disclose private talks he’d had with a Russian ambassador in addition to deceiving Vice President Mike Pence about those talks. Fast forward to Monday, when Sally Yates testified in front of a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that she, too, warned Trump about Flynn before she was fired for refusing to uphold Trump’s travel ban, and you’re all caught up on the congressional drama.

So, what does Merriam-Webster have to do with all of this? On Monday, after Trump made a jab at Yates, the online dictionary caught one glaring mistake in his tweet. Can you spot the mistake?

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In the tweet, which has since been deleted and corrected, Trump misused the word “counsel,” writing “council” instead. If you’re a little rusty with your spelling, have no fear. Merriam-Webster’s Twitter master made sure to be very clear about proper usage after calling out Trump’s mistake.

Then it added this little jab, because why stop when you’re on a roll?

Apparently, Trump took the advice to heart, as he replaced the tweet with proper spelling shortly after.

Based on Trump’s track record with misspelled tweets, we can expect the dictionary to deliver many more sick burns in the future.

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