Miranda July's Foolproof Tips to Combat Procrastination

Artist Miranda July's take on how to avoid distraction and get some work done.

Sometimes I find myself sitting down to finish work—a small task, an important email—and the next thing I know, hours have gone by with no progress. In that time however, I've probably sent out 10 texts to friends, rearranged my sock drawer, updated my Facebook status, and passionately twiddled my thumbs: I've procrastinated. We've all been there. With a task or a deadline looming, distraction is the enemy, yet in our sensory overloaded world, it's not easy to escape.


Enter artist, author, and filmmaker Miranda July, whose playful work offers nonlinear solutions to life's problems. In this video—an outtake from her second feature film The FutureJuly offers a five-step fix for even the most dedicated time wasters. Her unconventional approach, which suggests taking a precious item hostage, among other things, may finally be the answer you and I have been looking for.

Okay, now get back to work.