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Moving Beyond the Automobile: More from the Streetfilms Series on Livable Streets

The second installment of Streetfilms' excellent video series on the transportation solutions of the future, just released this week, covers cycling.

The good folks at Streetfilms have started rolling out a new 10-part video series about smart and proven solutions for reducing automobile traffic and making city streets safer, healthier, and better for business. In other words: making the streets more livable.

It's called Moving Beyond the Automobile, and here's how they describe it:

Moving Beyond the Automobile is a ten part video series which explores solutions to the problem of automobile dependency. It's a visual handbook that will help guide policy makers, advocacy organizations, teachers, students, and others into a world that values pedestrian plazas over parking lots and train tracks over highways. Cars were then, and this is now. Welcome to the future.


The series' trailer give a taste of what's to come:


Streetfilms will be posting a new video (each one is around 3 to 4 minutes long) every Tuesday for the next couple of months, and the first two have already been released. The first, which Alissa wrote about, took the bird's eye view of Transit Oriented Development. The second, just released this week, covers cycling. Check it out:


Subsequent videos will cover bicycling, car share, congestion pricing, highway removal, traffic calming, pricing parking, parking removal, road diet (we look forward to learning more about this), and, finally, bus rapid transit.

The first couple of videos are really well done: educational, fun, informative, and persuasive without being preachy. We look forward to seeing the rest.

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