This nurse shut down anti-vaxxers using their own logic. 

by Melinda Sineriz

April 23, 2019
via Pixabay

Meggy Doodle is a nurse who posted a Facebook rant combating the idea that “Big Pharma” is just out to get you. The “Big Pharma” myth helps fuel the dangerous anti-vaxxer movement which has casued America’s recent measles outbreak. 

Here’s how it starts:

Don’t want to vaccinate, don’t do it. Fair enough. She continues:

Well, that seems harsh. I suspect there’s a reason for this, though.

Ah, things are coming together. I wonder what else “Big Pharma” is behind?

No getting away from “Big Pharma,” then. Fair enough. This isn’t all she has to say to anti-vaxxers, though.

I think they have a different definition of “research.”

Of course, anti-vaxxers may think that since everyone else is vaccinated, they’re okay. Doodle points out that that’s not actually the case.

Mic drop.


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This nurse shut down anti-vaxxers using their own logic.