“Girls Play T-Ball, Too,” Says President Obama

The President declared war on gender stereotypes as he sorted toys for Christmas presents.

Photo by EJ Hersom/DoD News Features

President Obama seems to be on a bit of a female empowerment mission this month. Between his photo op with a group of Girl Scouts at the White House Science Fair during which he happily donned a tiara (down with gender roles amirite?) and his much discussed year-end press conference during which he only called on female journalists, the President is making a public stand for women.

His latest maneuver in the war against the patriarchy comes in the form of some gender stereotype destruction. At a Toys For Tots photo op with FLOTUS this week, the President made sure to switch things up when tasked with sorting toy donations into “Girl” and “Boy” bins.

“Just trying to break down these gender stereotypes,” he told the crowd of adults and kids alike as he tossed tool kits and sports equipment in the “Girls” box. “Girls play t-ball too,” he quipped.