Edible Water Blobs Make For Eco-Friendly Hydration

Take your plastic water bottles and scram.

Image courtesy Skipping Rocks Lab.

If the sight of people guzzling out of their environmentally-unfriendly plastic water bottles—80 percent of which aren’t even recycled—causes a fiery rage to boil in your belly, the clever folks at London’s Skipping Rocks Lab have invented a decidedly green, DIY alternative that still allows for quenching your thirst on the go. Introducing Ooho!, an adorably named, edible blob that houses a handheld serving of water inside its jelly-like, algae-based membrane. In order to hydrate via Ooho!, one must either chomp into the blob and slurp extract the liquid innards or toss it back, casing and all. User’s choice.


As you might have expected, Ooho! was concepted as an eco-friendly substitute for water bottles, aiming to cut down on carbon emissions that are created in the production of the bottles and the ever-growing treasure trove of plastics trash in the world. What’s more, Skipping Rocks Lab has licensed the Ooho! designs as creative commons, so people at home can cook up their own blobs and experiment themselves.

Ooho! was the winner of the 2014 Lexus Design Award and nominated for 2015’s “Design to Improve Life” competition, though the jury is still out on whether people will be willing to give choking down the gelatinous water globules a fair shake.