The way a teacher corrected a kid's answer on a quiz has enraged math nerds everywhere.

The teacher was totally being pedantic.

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Memories of testing like this gets people fired up.

The image below stirred up controversy on Reddit, earning over 10,000 comments.

The story behind the post is a kid was asked to used the “addition strategy” to solve a multiplication problem. The question was 5x3. The student showed their work as 5+5+5, which equals fifteen. That checks out, but the teacher still took away points, writing “3+3+3+3+3.” Which also equals 15.

Does that seem pedantic to you?

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Math on a chalkboard.

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Does that seem pedantic to you?

Comments seem to be mainly focusing on how pedantic the teacher’s response was, and how it essentially discourages kids from any interest in math they might have. Math is boring and hard enough without being petty.

User Doctor_Insano_MD writes:

"What pisses me off is that this is teaching the kid 'Why even bother learning anything in school? Even if I do it right, it's still wrong.'

They’re being prepped for the real world, maybe?"

This article originally appeared on 10.3.18