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Push for Good: This Week's Guide to Crowdfunding Creative Progress

Innovation makes the world go around, so why not crowdfund it? The best thinkers and ideamakers are the those who can make collective progress, so if we support their causes, projects, and ideas, we can be a part of bettering the future of our planet.

Maybe you don’t know what causes you care about yet, or maybe you’re still searching. Consider this a guide of the goodness you can get behind. Take a look at GOOD's curated Kickstarter page, which we'll be updating regularly, and check back every Saturday for a round up of our favorite projects from the crowdfunding world.

8 Days to Go (and really close): Teaching Youth Aviation History While Restoring Warbirds

Aviation experts Patrick Mihalek and Todd Trainor are mentoring youth in the Brighton, Michigan community through aircraft restoration classes. Read more from them about their plan to travel to Alaska to pickup a crashed B-52 for the Aeronca Aircraft History Museum.

12 Days to Go (and not very close): Listening to Young People First to Transform Education

Through Imagining Learning, Listening Sessions are arranged across America to ask students how they want to learn and change their education. By providing a forum where students can trust educators with their honest opinions, Imagining Learning has the potential to change education as we know it. Read more from founders and GOOD members David Loitz and Charles Kouns.

13 Days to Go (and more than halfway there): Inspiring Future Scientists with a High-Res Microscope

What if you could see organisms in a more detailed way by using a high-res camera that could connect to an iPad? This focus microscope would let you do that and they'll be given away to schools to encourage student interest in science. Read more from co-founder of Exo Labs, Jeff Stewart.

14 Days to Go (and over halfway there): Sharing Data About The Environment to Fellow Citizens of the Planet

This mobile app, kit, and crowdsourced platform empowers you to collect and share data about your own environment, including soil and water, electromagnetic fields, energy consumption and air composition inside the home, and even biometrics. Read more about how the founders of this Smart Citizen program are connecting to the public.

28 Days to Go (and a little over halfway there): Exploring Space with the Rest of the World on a First-Ever Public Orbital Telescope

Sure you can always go to your local planetarium and put a coin in a telescope to briefly point it towards the solar system, but what if you had access to a telescope in orbit? Planetary Resources, a private company that primarily aims to mine asteroids, is hoping to give elementary and high school students, as well as university researchers and scientists, access to control a public telescope so they can observe our most dangerous asteroids.

42 Days to Go (and not yet close): Documenting the Egyptian Revolution Through Street Art

Now that the Egyptian Revolution is over, civilians have yet to experience true freedom. While there's corruption in politics, street artists are telling the truth on city walls. This project aims to preserve each work of art so that those artists' messages are known and seen. Read more from founder and GOOD member Basma Hamdy.

Tell us what projects you're getting behind in the comments below. Push progress forward, and do it for our collective good.

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Illustration by Jessica De Jesus

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