Secret Life of Snarky Toys: Aled Lewis' Playful Tableaus

Aled Lewis reveals the secret lives of snarky toys with witty scenes of unicorns, bears, and LOL cats.

London-based Aled Lewis began his clever series "Toy Stories" as a personal project, putting his favorite animalsdinosaurs, cats, unicorns, sharks, and bearsin precarious, mostly hilarious situations, and imagining their witty banter. Since then, these creative creatures have inspired an ad campaign for gluten free bread, and will be turned into the book "Toy Confidential: The Secret Life of Snarky Toys" which will be released on November 27, 2012.

At the root of each image is a childlike playfulness, but the dialogue is very much adult. "It's not really a conscious process," Lewis explains. "I tend to browse through toys, either in toy stores or on eBay and look out for figures that are striking an interesting pose that I might be able to exploit. Then once I had a big enough collection of toys I would sit around and play with them! Another method I used was just to doodle characters in funny interactions in my sketchbook then attempt to find figures best suited to the scene. I found a couple of ways to approach it."

Enjoy a few of his images below, and for more check out

Photos courtesy of Aled Lewis