SnapGoods: Local Lending Among Friends

Chances are you have camping equipment, kitchen appliances, and lots other stuff that just sits in your closet gathering dust for most of the year. If a new site called SnapGoods catches on, those things could be earning you money during their downtime instead.

SnapGoods is a local lending service that connects people who want to rent something specific with friends and neighbors who may have what they need. Not using that Cuisinart? You can list it on SnapGoods and specify how much you want for it per day. Need a set of poker chips for that party? You can browse SnapGoods and, hopefully, find one to rent.

SnapGoods has a variety of safeguards designed to ensure that participants are trustworthy and the goods don't get damaged. SnapGoods is still small—it's only running in New York, in fact—but if it grows it would be good for the environment and our bank accounts both.