Survey Says Everyone Trusts Apple, Hates Bankers

A new survey says that people find the tech industry to be the most trustworthy industry. Also, few have forgiven the financial services world.

Everyone loves their computers, and everyone hates their bankers. That's the in-a-nutshell takeaway from a recent survey about the perceived trustworthiness of a variety of industries.

Survey respondents from 23 different nations were asked how much they trusted certain fields to "do what is right." Out of 16 industries, technology was considered the most trustworthy, followed by automotive, telecommunications, and food and beverage. Unsurprisingly, the insurance, banking, and financial services industries were at the bottom, considered nearly 30 percent less trustworthy than technology.

This is great news for Steve Jobs and Google, less great for the banking industry, which continues to struggle with horrible public relations since America's near financial collapse in 2008. It's also interesting to see how many people grant masses of leeway to tech, whose list of transgressions is growing if not yet historically significant.