The Pakistani Flood Is Still Causing Devastation

Six months later, Pakistan hasn't recovered from the disaster. You can help.

The photos above show just how large the flood was: the top was before the flood, where you can see the Indus River as a small blue line; the bottom is after the flood, where there are now two very large rivers.

A new photo essay by The Guardian shows how Pakistanis are still reeling from the devastating floods last year. Concerns surrounding food supply are paramount, seeing as many are unable to replant their crops because the land is no longer arable. Homes built out of mud simply melted away, leaving many hungry and homeless. With an increase in food prices many cannot afford to buy food and rely on NGOs. HelpAge International is attempting to look in to how elders are coping with the new situation in a bid to show ways the international community can help.

A year after the flood the land remains unusable, and locals say it will take two more years before they can begin farming again. It is essential that organizations, like HelpAge International work to find ways that the international community can aid and support this population.

Photo (from flikr), Creative Commons License 2.0, by NASA Goddard Photo and Video.