Feast Your Eyes: What 49 Cents Buys in China The Poverty Line: Stefen Chow Photographs the Value of Food in China

How much chicken, bok choy, or cabbage could someone living on the poverty line in China buy? Check out Stefen Chow's photographs.

Stefen Chow is a photographer based in Beijing. In his latest series, The Poverty Line, he's photographed the value of 3.28 Renminbi (about 49 cents) in peanuts, bok choy, cabbage, chicken, and tomatoes. It's a compelling look at just how far the daily wage goes for someone living on the poverty line in China and the newspaper background quietly hints at the income gap.

It's well worth thinking about and, while you're at it, check out Jonathan Blaustein's similar project, Value of a Dollar.

Photograph by Stefen Chow (via PDN).