The Stupidest Dog Leash in the World The Povodkus Dog Leash Looks Like a Gun

An accessory for the dog owner who wants to look like they're killing their dog.

Are you a dog owner who wants to look like you're murdering your pet and risk your own safety in the process? Russian design studio Art Lebedev has the leash for you.

Called the Povodokus, the new leash looks very much like a black handgun, and you hold it in such a way that it looks like you're about to shoot your dog in the head. Besides grossing out everyone at the dog park, owners of the Povodokus can probably expect several nasty interactions with police officers, who probably won't take kindly to what—in the right light—appears to be someone brandishing a firearm and preparing to kill an animal. In fact, in 2007, New York police killed a teenager when they mistook his hairbrush for a handgun, and the Povodkus actually looks like a real gun.

What I'm trying to say is: Assuming it's not a joke, don't buy a Povodokus.