The Simplest, Sweariest Fun You'll Have on the Internet All Week

"F*ck Yeah Nouns" is the best new time-waster on the internet.

If you're an experienced internet user, you know that the "Fuck Yeah" meme is one of the most overused on the web, having been pulled out to recognize everything from the United States of America to Ryan Gosling. Today, however, a new website finds a unique way to jump on the Fuck Yeah bandwagon quickly, easily, and hilariously.

Called "Fuck Yeah Nouns," the site lets users celebrate practically anything they can dream up to follow the words "Fuck Yeah"—all you've got to do is add a noun, and the next thing you know you've got a picture cheering on your most beloved people, places, and things.

Try your name, your city, or your favorite consumables. We can guarantee you'll waste at least five minutes and walk away with at least two or three funny tweets.