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The Week That Was: GOOD Education

NBC's Education Nation summit, how online lectures are changing education, and which college rankings are actually useful.

The Week That Was.

Waiting for "Superman" continues its charge into theaters across the country. Piggy-backing on the occasion, NBC held its Education Nation summit, which discussed many of the issues brought up by the movie, such as whether teachers are under attack and how parents can find out how their local schools are performing.

We told you about how one can get an education via YouTube, a $25 projector that is revolutionizing adult education in Mali, and IBM's high school-college hybrid for breeding the next generation of its workforce.

We also shared five infographics based on teacher-survey data. They looked at how they think student achievement should be measured, their impressions on technology in the classroom, what they need to be better instructors, whether they're willing to go the extra mile for their kids, and how they would fix education, respectively.

Anya Kamenetz wrote a piece that helps demystify college rankings—identifying the publications that can actually help college-going students pick a school.

Josh Barkey discussed how TED talks and other online lectures are offering young people new options for learning in their free time.

Emily Hanford, who produced the radio documentary Testing Teachers took a hard look at how we evaluate teachers and attempted to define what "good teaching" is.

Zoe Burgess asked how we should go about teaching students the skills to think critically and creatively.

Finally, we posted our first video from the recently concluded GOOD Education Event Series. The topic was enabling creativity. If you're not in L.A. or were unable to make it out to any of the events, we'll have two more videos to help give you a taste of what you missed.

Photo (cc) via Flickr user Special KRB

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