This Digital Pottery Wheel Is 90 Percent Less Sexy Than Ghost's

Lasers, 3D printers, and computers: This isn't your grandmother's pottery class.

When you wanted to throw a pot in the old days, you sat down at your pottery wheel with a big mound of wet clay and went to work. If you were lucky, you'd eventually have clay all over yourself and be in a deep embrace with your lover. Nowadays, things are much less sexy, but also far less messy.

Meet Unfold design studio's digital pottery wheel. Using laser technology, the wheel allows people to "sculpt" a digital vase to their liking by pressing their hand into the beam and manipulating a digital image. Once the piece is done, the file is saved and sent to a 3D printer, where it's printed out in actual clay.

In an age in which they're remaking old movies practically every week, we look forward to someone incorporating this technology into the Ghost update.