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Two Rapping Teachers Take On Secretary of Education

"Mr. Obama if you want our vote, can your boy Duncan and bring back that hope!" Two L.A. teachers rap their criticisms of Arne Duncan.

Last week when Secretary of Education Arne Duncan invited teachers to submit questions and feedback about his policies for his first-ever Twitter Town Hall, he probably didn't anticipate this video from the rapping teacher duo calling themselves Two Teachers and a Microphone.

The pair of anonymous teachers, both products of and teachers in Los Angeles public schools, have previously rapped their concerns about everything from education budget cuts to the lack of music education in schools. In their latest video, they bring the lyrical heat to the Secretary of Education, questioning Duncan's qualifications for the job and why he has blamed teachers for low test scores, supported firing educators, and thrown his support behind charter schools.

The teachers say they won't "allow politicians and businessmen to scapegoat educators and conveniently ignore the social, political, and economic factors that account for America's "achievement gap." They even diss Duncan with a reference to the Public Enemy hip-hop classic, "911 Is a Joke":

"Get up a get get a get down
Race to the Top is a joke in your town!
I said it before y'all I'll say it again
This man ain't no teacher just the president's friend
Mr. Obama if you want our vote
Can your boy Duncan and bring back that hope!"


Even though the duo goes on to call for education historian Diane Ravitch to replace Duncan as education secretary, they're not completely giving up on him. They implore Duncan to "trust teachers and communities." We'll have to wait and see whether Duncan actually listens to the feedback from the rapping teachers and other angry educators across the nation.

screenshot via Pedagogy For Your Head

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