Undercity: Modern Excavation in New York's Tunnels and Subways

The urban historian Steve Duncan embarks on an illicit journey in New York City's underground tunnels and subways in Andrew Wonder's new film.

The underground infrastructure of New York City is the stuff of legend. Last year, the writer Bill Wheeler took us on a journey through the city's tunnels, subways, sewers, and bridges, with his profile of the urban explorer Steve Duncan.

Now the filmmaker Andrew Wonder, who worked with Duncan to create the documentary "Undercity," follows the explorer on some illicit subterranean journeys. The film delves into the legal ramifications of his actions, the motivation behind his work, and what we could learn from seeing the parts of our cities that are hidden to us. It also gives a voice to a few people who live under the streets.

Here's a look (note: some NSFW language).


Duncan's enthusiasm for exploring the built environment is pretty infectious. Fans of his brand of urban archeology should check out other pieces at NPR and The New York Times.