Volcano Eruption Seen from Space: NASA Catches Stromboli Burst

NASA captures a photo of Italy's Stromboli Volcano erupting. Yes, we're only posting because it's called the "Stromboli Volcanco."

I have few rules in life, but a new one is that whenever NASA captures the eruption of a volcano that shares the name of a delicious Italian treat, I have to spread it far and wide. So here you go, the Stromboli Volcano, the northernmost of Italy's Aeolian Islands:

Actually, it seems like an eruption of the Stromboli volcano isn't all that rare.

[M]ild eruptions of Italy’s Stromboli Volcano are so frequent and numerous that an entire style of volcanism—strombolian—is named after the volcano.


Delicious. And, yes, if you're wondering, it does seem like the Calzone-like food was named after the volcano. Perhaps having something to do with the center being boiling-lava hot.