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Will This Be the Hospital of the Future? Will This Be the Hospital of the Future?

Will This Be the Hospital of the Future?

by Adele Peters

August 4, 2013

Picture your last visit to a hospital, or if you're lucky enough to have avoided hospitals, picture your doctor's office. If it's anything like the typical medical center, it's not a fun place to be: a blaring TV in the corner, fluorescent lights, a chemical smell in the air, and anxious people wishing they could be anywhere else. It's crowded. Technology, and the layout of the building itself, is usually outdated. 

It's an environment that's hard to change. Sally Whitman, who runs a nonprofit called NXT Health that works on designing the future of health care, told Metropolis Magazine:

"People in healthcare desperately want to innovate. The problem is they don't have the resources to do it. They're dealing with patients who are sick and dying; there's no safe place to step back and ask what the customer really needs. Like any industry, health care needs a separate R&D department if we're ever going to see true innovation."


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Will This Be the Hospital of the Future?