Winner: Doodle a 25-Hour Day Winner: Doodle a 25-Hour Day

Winner: Doodle a 25-Hour Day

by Len Kendall

February 28, 2011

Last week we asked you to vote on the submissions to our "25 Hours in a Day" doodle contest. Unlike previous editions of this project, rather than declaring a winner ourselves, we put it up to a vote by the community. Hundreds of votes came in, and the winner was Mr. Kenny Kim.

Here's what Kenny told us about the piece:

I struggled with whether I should approach this by showing how each specific day would be affected, or how much change I could accomplish cumulatively... then I figured I might as well just answer it honestly. Don't judge me.

We would never judge him. Kenny will receive a GOOD T-shirt and a gift subscription!

If you haven't had a chance, please check out the rest of the submissions.

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted, if you have any suggestions for next month's topic, please comment or tweet @LenKendall.

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Winner: Doodle a 25-Hour Day