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Family shares hilarious 'weather report' that has the internet cracking up

Family coordinated a hilarious weather report mimicking a windy day in Georgia and the internet can't get enough of it.

Family shares hilarious 'weather report' that has the internet cracking up
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/One_percentile

This Georgia family created their own weather report, leaving Reddit users wishing they were a part of it. A ridiculously funny video posted by u/One_percentile is doing the rounds on Reddit in which a family of four creates a weather report for a windy day in Georgia. The clip opens with a girl holding onto a tree for dear life as she floats in the air while reporting the weather. The girl states, “This is your news update from your local redneck down here in Ellabell, Georgia.” She went on to report how everything was so chaotic because of the wind, so much so that it was difficult for her to keep her feet on the ground.

Image Source: Reddit | u/One_percentile
Image Source: Reddit | u/One_percentile

Soon enough, a trash can flies by to prove her point, along with a few other things. The most priceless moment was when the girl’s dad came in, almost ready to fly around as the girl screamed for her dad to take support from a tree. Till this point, the video was slightly alarming until it was revealed that the girl was balancing herself on a rod attached to the tree. As the camera pans, we see a boy holding a hose pipe to create a rainy effect while on the other side, someone else is pulling on a tree branch to make it shake. The entire family was in stitches by the end of the video and so was the comments section of the video. People couldn’t stop mentioning how rare it was to find a family that knew how to have fun together these days. u/lonerangerman commented, “How could you not love this? This is a family that knows how to have fun together.” The effort and quality behind the video were quite remarkable making it quite convincing in the beginning. The clip had equal parts attention to detail and punchlines, the perfect recipe for a viral video.

Reddit users also gave pop culture references similar to the video, even comparing it with the “Weatherman” from the American sitcom, “Family Guy.” u/nanganoid3000 wrote, “This is comedy gold. Reminds me of the Family Guy Weatherman, ‘It’s raining sideways.’” Many people also said that the girl’s reporting could give competition to the popular meteorologist James D. Cantore or Jim Cantore. He is widely known as an on-air personality on “The Weather Channel.” u/Illustrious-Cookie73 joked, “I was expecting to see Jim Cantore holding the hose.” u/WillieDFleming wrote, “They did a better job than the Weather Channel.” Another person, u/SenseStraight5119 added to the fun by commenting, “Weather Channel calling to purchase your prop.” Most Reddit users commented that it was as good as an actual network’s reporting and the slightly exaggerated acting made it even more convincing.

Image Source: Reddit | u.asahi_kedia
Image Source: Reddit | u/asahi_kedia


Image Source: Reddit | u.VeneMage
Image Source: Reddit | u/VeneMage

Other people expressed how they wished they had a family who would be up to creating something like this or if the family would like to adopt them. Reddit also hailed the video as one of the best family-related content out there. Just goes to show that a little creativity goes a long way. People were also convinced that it was the girl’s southern accent that put it together so well.

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