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This NYC Baker Is Turning Troll Comments Into Cakes

Now trolls can literally eat their words

Image via Troll Cakes/Kat Thek

No one likes to be trolled online. But what if you could turn those insults and death threats into a delicious dessert? One New York City baker aims to do just that. Kat Thek, the mastermind behind bakery/detective agency Troll Cakes, takes mean internet comments, uses them to decorate cakes, and then sends those cakes to the trolls behind the comments. Genius, I know.

According to her website, “Each cake is a dense, moist (sorry) chocolate chip brownie with whipped frosting and assorted colorful sprinkles and icing.” And you can either have it sent to your troll’s home or work if you know them personally, or have Thek hunt down the troll for you, or—for the low, low price of $30—you can have a Troll Cake with an insane Trump tweet sent directly to the White House. That option is appropriately named the “Tiny Hands Special.”

You can have your own personalized Troll Cake sent wherever you want as long as it’s in the United States, and there’s a next-day, in-person delivery option for those sending cakes within New York City. According to Mashable, Thek has received a handful of orders so far. She recently sent out her first cake to a Dolly Parton Facebook fan page troll that read, “Your mamma be so disappointed (though most of her orders have capitalized on Trump’s outlandish comments). “Not everybody has an internet troll,” she told the outlet, “But now the whole world has a White House troll.”

Thek told GOOD via email that so far the response has been great. While she says she hasn’t received any feedback from the trolls themselves, she has gotten positive emails from happy customers. “We're shipping every day and especially loving the Mother's Day orders,” said Thek, “It's very cute to see adult children fight tiny battles for their moms via cake.” When asked if she had a fantasy cake recipient, Thek said, “My dream troll is Tony Clifton.”

Now if we can just get our hands on one of these cakes without having to tweet something idiotic.

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