GOOD.IS/Ecosystem: The Road Map to Harmony GOOD.IS/Ecosystem: The Road Map to Harmony
Infographic Road Map to Harmony

GOOD.IS/Ecosystem: The Road Map to Harmony

July 18, 2009
In the complex web of our world, each part of the system affects all the others. Today, multiple areas need improvement. Luckily, there are people, organizations, and businesses working to reset the balance and create greater harmony.To explore how this ecosystem is functioning, we've identified nine key components of our interconnected world. Explore GOOD's interactive road map to see how we're currently doing as a society, learn about efforts to improve the situation, and find actions that you can take to help steer us toward a better future.This interactive site features videos and articles on people working towards greater harmony, infographics explaining the current state of each component, and some simple actions you can to to help improve the situation.Today, we'll be exploring Education, Sustenance, and Energy. On Saturday, check back to learn more about the status of the Earth, Flora and Fauna, and Health. Finally, next week, we'll examine Coexistence, Connectivity, and Exchange. Plus, we'll be dropping more stories and videos in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.
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GOOD.IS/Ecosystem: The Road Map to Harmony