Infographic Innovation

The Giving Chain: Lemon-Aid

by Andrew Janik

December 9, 2014
Launch Infographic

For small business owners, the transition from start-up to scalable success can be a challenge. But quick growth isn’t sustainable without solid logistics and a long-term vision for the future. When that vision includes a mission to change the world, efficient operations become even more crucial. We take a look at the supply chain that empowered 10-year-old Vivienne Harr to turn her corner lemonade stand into a global fair-trade organic lemonade drink company (Make a Stand Inc.) that makes a lot more than money: it’s making a difference.

GOOD and UPS® CONNECT have partnered together to celebrate small businesses that are giving back to their communities. In the “Giving Side of Business” Maker Challenge, we are awarding $5,000 to a small business that aligns the logistical aspects of its company with its values.

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The Giving Chain: Lemon-Aid