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Loud spooky sound like a 'woman's voice' recorded deep in the Pacific Ocean

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) picked up the strange sound deep down in the Pacific Ocean with the help of hydrophones.

Loud spooky sound like a 'woman's voice' recorded deep in the Pacific Ocean
Representative Cover Image Source : Pexels I Photo by Kellie Churchman

The oceans are the most unexplored places on the earth and have always held a lot of mysteries. Every now and then, scientists monitoring the oceans uncover something so strange and astounding that it leaves humans in awe. For example, when they picked up a strange spooky sound from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, people thought it came from a weird sea creature, per Indy100.

Representative Image Source : Pexels I Photo by  Berend de Kort
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Berend de Kort

This oceanic anomaly was identified on March 1, 1999, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recorded a mysterious sound down in the bowels of the eastern equatorial Pacific. The recording was made using a range of hydrophones (microphones that detect sound waves underwater), spaced hundreds of kilometers apart. This weird noise sounds almost like someone cooing or whining. The sound picked up by the hydrophone was sufficiently loud across the entire region and many believed that it did sound eerily like a woman’s voice humming or mumbling. This was probably one of the big reasons why this eerie received the nickname "Julia."

Image source: Pexels | Photo by Aaron Ulsh
Representative Image source: Pexels | Photo by Aaron Ulsh

The research team behind the discovery of this noise, referring to NOAA, admitted they couldn't accurately find the location of the sound and said that its point of origin could have been between Branfield Strait and Cape Adare in east Antarctica. When the sound was first discovered, scientists did not know the actual cause behind the spooky noise. Mysterious discoveries tend to produce conspiracy theories and in this case, the internet didn't disappoint.


One of these conspiracy theories claimed that this mysterious shadow found underneath the ocean was twice as big as New York’s Empire State Building. However, there was no official proof of such gigantic claims. Unfortunately, the NOAA has yet to uncover the mystery of "Julia", but says that the “most likely source of the sound” was a large iceberg that had run aground off Antarctica, hence, putting an end to all the conspiracy theories that had surrounded this rarity.

Interestingly, the "Julia" phenomenon was not the first unique sound to be captured in the depths of our planet's oceans. Back in 1997, a deep “bloop” sound was detected somewhere off the coast of Chile – again, in the Pacific Ocean – and for years it was the loudest unidentified noise ever recorded underwater, per LiveScience. There were bizarre theories that the abnormal sound resembled Deep-sea monsters. This was largely owed to the fact the noise was similar to the marine animal life sounds. The NOAA dismissed all possible rumors as they said that the sound was coming from an icequake—a large iceberg fracturing.


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